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Pure was born in Toronto, Canada with one thing in mind; to design a line of bags that are unique, urban and stylish. All our bags are made from high quality material and are built to last. Our detachable waterproof hood keeps you dry from the wet weather, providing comfort with an adjustable fit.

Pure was founded by two entrepreneurs in January 2012. Their vision was to design a versatile backpack for today’s younger generation that would stand out from all the others. After designing the bags in Toronto, Canada, they set out on a mission to travel overseas to Southeast Asia. From Beijing to Hong Kong, they perfected their designs and brought their ideas to life. With creative minds and innovative designs, Pure was ready to hit the market.

Functional design

Our detachable waterproof hood is supported by a Velcro mechanism that can be adjusted for comfort and size.

Designed with purpose

Whatever your day may bring, rain or shine the Pure Classic will keep you dry from the wet weather and keep you looking fresh on those sunny days.

Quality Design

Our bags are made out of high quality materials and built to last. All our bags come packaged in our Pure Throwback.

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